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Local Residency: EMO Collective




Non-Local Residency: Jenifer Laiwint


Shadow Tongue


Dog-Ear to the Left of the Centrefold


Back-Alley Bargains & Dancing Waters


Wares and Labour in the Mall of Paradise




Orchestra: Meat and Marginalia


s.M.i.L.e: 7038634357 & 266.sx


Konsthall 323 in a Hilly Terrain


Greetings Human!


The Influencers




Leftovers 2


Anxiety Lapped Against the Stage


Bed Rock


A Poem About Life Part 2


The Price and the Witness


It is Hard to Tape a Fish




Handsome Rewards


Long Comedy


Master and Apprentice, Lobster and Leaf


Dragging the Deleted Block into the Deleted Shape Input: DONT REMIND ME!!!