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Leftovers 2


May 12, 2018


Leftovers is an ongoing event series organized between Kara Hansen and Kathleen Taylor and held in Duplex’s project space. Artists, cooks, musicians, designers, and makers are invited to contribute anything from playlists, décor, lighting, cocktails, and snacks to accompany the evening environment. Contributors are encouraged to use recycled materials or leftovers from Duplex's studio spaces. Leftovers 2 (2018) featured sake sangria with shiso herb litchi and salted plum, rose and lavender bathsalts, footbaths and an oversized quilted towel, a playlist by Adam Fothergill, flowers generously donated by Megan Hepburn, vegan pulled pork sandwiches made by Liam Johnstone, and blended scents by Gabi Dao.