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Greetings Human!


Cole Bazin, Tasha Hefford and Liam Johnstone


August 11th - September 16th, 2018


Trudging through a morass of half-cooked jokes and partially rendered reeds. A hooded figure hands you a scroll containing a quest: your next objective or next distraction. Water Striders glide effortlessly as a crafted persona scans the murky depths and glimpses a rogue reflection springing out of sight. This swamp facilitates the psychological exercise of creating, enacting, and recreating, virtual selves for the purpose of role playing and traversing the physical landscape searching for meaning in the act of Play. “What purpose does it serve?” - “It feels like such a waste of time..” Each quest unfolding and influencing, visible through the murk of ever-emerging and collapsing virtual worlds crafted for us.


Greetings Human! Is an exhibition of works by Cole Bazin and Liam Johnstone accompanied by the release of a publication from Tasha Hefford. Floating within the penumbra of academic and cultural illumination: immersion, roleplaying, fantastical tropes, and the glucose-infused reality of Players, calling to a time when “basement dwellers” would seek out the AC rich environments of wood-panelled homes and pull out the spoils from the local corner grocer.


Cole Bazin is a Vancouver based multidisciplinary artist with a affinity for painting. He is a graduate of Emily Carr University of Art + Design and has had work exhibited throughout British Columbia. His work explores the archetype of the alchemist through role-play as an alternative opportunity in which to explore visual language. Fusing together the act of engaging, escaping and creation.


Tasha Hefford is an illustrator, visual artist, and writer based in Vancouver. A graduate of Emily Carr University she has exhibited work throughout Vancouver and Comox Valley. Her work often addresses the complicated relationship she maintains with technology.


Liam Johnstone explores perception, role-playing, immersion, and esotericism, through the fictional archetype of the Merchant. Their installations are embedded with narrative components that chronicle lived experiences.



  Liam Johnstone, Tulip, Sweet Treats, Soft Chair, a Crumpled Bag in the Corner



  Tasha Hefford, Pleasure is a Bog



  Cole Bazin, Untitled



  Liam Johnstone, Dew Generator 1


  Liam Johnstone, Dew Generator 2



  Cole Bazin, Untitled



  Liam Johnstone, Dew Generator 3



  Liam Johnstone, Rodent Cabbage, Powdered Ferment, a Pair of Trinkets for the Market



  Cole Bazin, Untitled