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Dog-Ear to the Left of the Centrefold


Sharona Franklin, Luther Konadu, Erik Sjödin, and Jacobo Zambrano Rangel


April 27 - June 7, 2019


We wouldn’t be saying anything new by announcing ‘ours is a time teeming with information’ and to deal with this, our fingers fold dog-ears in anticipation for the future. The side profile of what we are currently reading is a tectonic reveal of thin plastic and paper rainbows additionally edged with fresh creases on books that aren’t ours. Maybe a ‘greedy’ analogue indexing of knowledge, perhaps a reflection of our current affective state in this climate of contextual surplus. In our screen based existences, our dog-ears exist digitally too, a desktop smattering of screenshots and video clips, a Chrome browser of opened tabs: add to favourites, add to bookmark, add to reading list, share on your Facebook wall...cheers, you know the drill. Again, we know this is probably not new to you, but if knowledge= power, we definitely also should know how that has been used against us. If art is both a tool for critical engagement and a platform for us to engage in a form of sensorial, ineffable imaginary, what might this be like? If the statement ‘ours is a time teeming with information’ isn’t new, what relevance does the role of the avant-garde have in all of this anyway? Dog-Ear to the Left of the Centrefold is a group exhibition that uses these inquiries as a departure point to examine how creative practices intend to resist and deviate from a network of hegemonies vis-a-vis works of edible ‘sculpture’, video, installation, publication and performance. We invite you to consume popcorn sprinkled with Azolla Moss, a sustainable food source studied and cultivated by Erik Sjödin since 2010 in light of present climate destruction. Additionally, we will consume a beverage created by Sharona Franklin to consider alternative healing strategies to counter the bio-pharmaceutical-meets-militiary-industrial-complex. Her publication, The Hermaphroditic Life of the Snail, designed by Christian Vistan, will be available at the gallery. A video work by Jacobo Zambrano Rangel will elucidate the ongoing, paternalistic processes of repatriating a suite of cultural belongings at the Field Museum in Chicago back to Brazil. Luther Konadu’s site-specific text work will be superimposed on Duplex’s gallery walls, suggesting an enduring space for rest that transcends its physical architecture. Hope to see you there.




Sharona Franklin is a Vancouver based artist and writer who has shown both locally and internationally. Franklin’s work disseminates a personal mythology of gender, class, bio-citizenship, and botany. Their practice encapsulates a range of forms that includes but is not limited to writing, visual poetry, photography, social media, performance, sculpture and installation. Each successive project is reflexive to propaganda, transhumanism and bioethics, working to expand contemporary interpretations of genetic engineering. The work offers a more expansive, inclusive idea of what it means to be human-- negotiating the everyday realities of pharmacological dependency, social inter-dependency, and self/community advocacy.


Luther Konadu has been steadfastly developing a practice as an artist and writer for the last few years despite the unending precarity distinctive to these roles. You can find Konadu somewhere in Winnipeg spending most of his time chasing after his dreams or chasing after public transit.


Erik Sjödin maintains an art and research based practice which is concerned with interdependencies and relationships between humans, other beings and phenomena as well as the philosophical and practical questions about how we live today, have lived in the past, and may live in the future. His work has included studying human relationships to fire, cultivating and cooking aquatic plants, research on relationships between bees and humans, and engagements with social and ecological cultivation initiatives. Through his work, he attempts to highlight problems of contemporary urgency as well as potential solutions to these problems. He is based in Stockholm, Sweden.


Jacobo Zambrano Rangel collects texts, images, video and sound. Through installations JZR introduces the question of time and space in relation to the concept of history. His recent projects are focused on specific contexts and engage directly with physical and metaphorical spaces occupied by power. By intervening in cultural conventions (social, political and historical) of such spaces (most of them institutions), Zambrano Rangel addresses questions of memory, authorship and authenticity from a decolonial perspective. His research prioritizes multiplicity of narratives and intense layering of images as strategies of knowledge production and their potential for relationality. JZR holds BFA in Visual Arts from Emily Carr University of Art + Design (2015) and attended the Academic Program at SOMA Mexico (2018). He is currently an MFA candidate at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2020). He lives and works in Chicago.



Erik Sjödin (book on left), Sharona Franklin (installation on right)


Sharona Franklin, Messmates


Sharona Franklin, Messmates


Jacobo Zambrano Rangel, The Exotic is Never at Home. Full video can be found on the artist's website here


Jacobo Zambrano Rangel (video on left),  Luther Konadu (text above)


 Luther Konadu, A Clearance for Sitting, Reclining, Hydrating, and Easing into Elation


Erik Sjödin (popcorn dressing)