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A Poem About Life Part 2


Laura Piasta & Johan Björck


December 8th - January 5th , 2018

…where there are no shells there can be no cracking, and no revelation of the inner content.


- Alan Watts


When the sun roves around the earth in a perpetual cycle,

Where does one day begin and end?

You draw a line in the “Pacific” ocean

And call it a day.


- Katrina Niebergal, When the sun roves around the earth, 2017


Memories are bent, but uncompromised, by the forces of time and distance; I do not trust mine less for this quality. It's only natural.


My recollections of you come to me in burst: of sunlight, and firelight, and wind, and water. I’ve got a dear archive; happily these are its dominant categories. It draws me in when I go there–I remember then that I forget its immensity in my own absence. Anyway, I wish I could show it to you. It must correspond to yours.


How embarrassing that before I met you I would not have thought to add a wild flower bouquet to the dinner ‘table’ when camping! What was I doing with my life?! Yes, I know what you’re all about. You silently showed me that everything is just there.


Words by Katrina Niebergal